Hi and thanks for checking out my stuff! I'm Troy, a 30-year broadcast veteran turned writer, podcaster, and digital content producer. By day I work for a recording studio in Minneapolis, but in my free time, I write, and you can find my writing here.

UntilNightFalls.com is my homebase on Medium for everything. You can find most of my writing here, in the following fine publications:

The Riff—Music News

Globetrotters — Travel

Full Frame—Photography

The Memoirist—Memoirs

Age of Empathy—Personal Essays

Family Stories — Memoirs and Personal Essays

I am also the editor of:

FictionFaction, where myself and several other writers publish our dark fiction for your reading pleasure (submissions open).

Digital Nonsense Creator, where you can catch my creativity, AI art, podcasting and digital content stuff.

DriverChronicles, where I publish my journal from my time as a rideshare driver.

Chalk Outline, where we stalk killers online.  NonFictionFaction, a "mirror" publication to FictionFaction, where we focus on unbelievable true stories. Think Did You Know and Today I Learned and Ripley's Believe It or Not, all rolled into one.

Rejected Stories, a place for writers to publish stories that were rejected by other publications.

The art in my work is AI-assisted generative art based on my input that goes through a workflow via several applications to get the desired result.

Thank you for reading my stuff, and I would very much appreciate your follow!

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Troy Larson

Troy Larson

UntilNightFalls.com | Unagented Fiction Author | 3x Top Writer on Art, Rock Music, Photography. Digital Content Producer. Broadcast veteran.